Our firm

Ethics and Values

· Ethics and Integrity
· Professional Excellence and Quality
· Innovation and Creativity
· Availability and Agile and Timely Response (internally and externally)
· Respect for People and Excellent Work Environment
· Team Work (individual and between colleagues)
· Tolerant and Constructive Dialogue; Frank and Transparent Communication

Working Bases
I. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property of the work performed. All the work carried out in Palma Abogados, whether for internal or external purposes, is totally confidential. No member of Palma Abogados may divulge to third parties the work they are doing unless this has been published by the respective client by ways of communication.

Neither may a member of Palma Abogados divulge to third parties that we represent the client, unless this fact is public knowledge.

This concept of confidentiality includes all information obtained from clients or members of Palma Abogados, by whatever means, including meetings and telephone conversations.

Finally, all the work and texts prepared by members of Palma Abogados, including e-mails and material contained electronically and on file are the property of Palma Abogados, and will be used in a manner it deems most convenient.

II. Quality of Work.
Palma Abogados is known for producing work of the best quality, forward looking and in accordance with the changes that occur in the market.

Every member of Palma Abogados should therefore try by all possible means to provide work of excellence.

III. Transactions by members of Palma Abogados with clients of the firm.
Because of the confidential nature of a law firm like Palma Abogados, all members of our firm are forbidden to carry out any stock market transaction with clients, since this may be considered as use of privileged information and thus expose Palma Abogados to possible sanctions.

IV. Availability.

V. Good internal and external treatment.
Every member of Palma Abogados should maintain at all times and in all places a respectful treatment of both persons outside the firm and members of Palma Abogados.

They should especially avoid inappropriate language, swearing, conversations of a sexual connotation, shouting or any other behaviour that is not in accord with the seriousness and formality that a law firm should maintain.

Inappropriate conduct refers not only to conversations but also to any kind of corporal expression.

In addition, respect should be observed in the common working areas by not raising the voice and by allowing others in these areas to perform their work properly.