Corporate Social Responsibility

In Palma Abogados we understand CSR to be a commitment with integral and sustainable human development which permits the generation and addition of value to our firm through the responsible management and carrying out of our activities. We know that our profession carries an implicit commitment with ethical and socially-responsible conduct that promotes compliance with current legislation and drives an innovative and inclusive legal development.

We therefore work internally on attracting, retaining and developing talent, on the welfare and quality of working life, integration with the educational community, conciliation of family and work and non-discrimination. Our contribution to society lies in the prevention of corruption, the quality and excellence of our work, Pro Bono work and a concern to collaborate with the environment through the promotion of energy efficiency.

Our pillars are therefore:

· Business and services ethics.
· Good corporate governance.
· Policy and strategic planning.
· Good labour practices.
· Respect for human rights.
· Compliance with current legislation.
· Relations with groups of interest and mutual benefit.
· Environmental control and energy efficiency.
· Communication and transparency.