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Palma Abogados has a history and tradition of excellence, with origins going back to 1819 when the distinguished jurist José Gabriel Palma Villanueva began working in his profession while also actively participating in matters of public interest in his work as judge, president of the Supreme Court and deputy in Congress.

He was followed in the profession by José Gabriel Palma Guzmán (1859), José Gabriel Palma Rogers (1905), Alfonso Palma Vial (1945) and, today, Juan Eduardo Palma Jara (1973), who jointly with his partners René Echeverría P. (1988), Daniel Lyon E. (1995), Juan Eduardo Palma Cruzat (1996), Paz Palma Carrasco (1996) and Gabriel Palma Cruzat (2007) face the challenges of a changing world, leading important operations at national and international levels and providing the best legal solutions for their clients, while also contributing to the country’s legal development and the formation of new generations of lawyers.

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