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Business in Chile

Chile is an ideal platform for foreign investors, both due to its geographical location, connected to Asia Pacific and the rest of Latin America, and to the high quality of services it offers, its clear investor-protection regulations and its open-economy policy. The numerous international trade agreements favour a continuous growth in the country’s foreign trade. These bilateral agreements include those signed with Australia, China, India, Japan, Mexico, United States, South Korea and the European Community. In the Latin American context, Chile is an associate member of MERCOSUR and the Andean Community of Nations (CAN).

Within its policy for attracting foreign investment, Chile has been one of the pioneering countries in the region in the negotiation and signing of double taxation agreements, whose purpose is to avoid the double taxation of earnings generated by the investments, both in the country of origin and in the country receiving the investment. Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Norway, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, France, Thailand, Switzerland, Paraguay, Malaysia and others have such agreements with the country.

The Chilean legal framework is clear and provides a broad application of the principle of freedom of contracting, with strict attachment to the rule of law, which permits an effective foresight about the actions of the various public and private players and the effects of their legal-economic acts, a situation indispensable for the development of any market and economic activity.

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